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The Human Research Ethics Committee has been established to ensure the conformity of all the research activities carried out with human subjects at Sinop University to ethical rules and to promote universal and contemporary research ethical standards.

General Information

The Human Research Ethics Committee of Sinop University was established on 15.04.2015 according to Sinop University Human Research Ethics Board Directive which was approved by the decision of the Senate of Sinop University dated 25.02.2015 and numbered 2015/34. Sinop University Human Research Ethics Board Directive, which was amended in some of its articles, came into force with the decision dated 06.04.2017 and numbered 2017/50 taken by the Senate of Sinop University.

Sinop University Human Research Ethics Committee was established to evaluate all the research of Sinop University staff or students or researchers from outside the university in which people are participants within the framework of universal ethical principles and rules with the aim of protecting the individual rights and well-being of the participants by taking into consideration the integrity of the research and its contribution to science.


  • Love
  • Respect
  • Tolerance
  • Justice
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Objectivity
  • Transparency
  • Being responsible
  • Having team spirit
  • Participation
  • Creativity
  • Productivity
  • Protect the national values
  • Sensitivity to human rights
  • Commitment to ethical values
  • Environmental awareness
  • Respect for labor and autonomy
  • Academic freedom
  • Scientific merit